Courtney Rubin
April 25, 2008 08:30 AM

Amy Winehouse‘s husband Blake Fielder-Civil will remain in jail at least until June 9, a London judge ruled Friday.

The beehived singer – who’s in the midst of her own legal woes – did not appear at the hearing in London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court. Nor did his mother, Georgette Civil, a fixture at his court dates. Instead Fielder-Civil was supported by his father and 21-year-old Sophie Schandorff, a pretty blonde woman who later identified herself to PEOPLE as Fielder-Civil’s “best friend.”

Fielder-Civil was due to be released in May. But he and three of his co-defendants will remain in jail because “the trial can’t be heard within those custody time limits,” said Judge David Radford.

His trial on charges stemming from a pub brawl begins June 2, and is could to continue for six weeks. Lawyers expect Fielder-Civil will have to remain in jail throughout the trial.

During his 90 minutes in court, Fielder-Civil – sporting close-cropped hair and a New York Jets t-shirt – whispered and laughed with Schandorff, who was seated across the courtroom. Finally the court clerk put a stop to their chatting.

As he was leaving, Fielder-Civil and Schandorff mouthed “I love yous.”

Oh really? “As a friend,” Schandorff clarified to PEOPLE. She said she’d known Fielder-Civil for 2 and a half years, but had not yet been to see him in London’s Pentonville Prison.

During the proceedings, however, the two made plans for a jail house visit. “Hopefully tomorrow,” she said. “But he has to call me.”

When asked where Winehouse was, Schanforff said simply, “I don’t know.” She then left to chat with Fielder-Civil’s attorney.

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