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Alec Baldwin's Arrest, Summarized in GIFs

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Stefanie Keenan/Wireimage

Alec Baldwin, again, is not having a great week.

On Tuesday, the 30 Rock star was arrested in Manhattan for riding his bicycle the wrong way down Fifth Avenue. Accounts vary – Baldwin says the officers who arrested him misused their authority – but in our imaginations, this is how the whole thing went down.

In January, Alec Baldwin wrote a New York Magazine cover story explaining his desire to leave New York City.

(via FoxADHD)

By May 13, he had not yet left. Instead, he decided to enjoy the lovely spring weather and go for a bike ride.

(via Giphy)

Unfortunately for Baldwin, he was riding the wrong way down Fifth Avenue when he was apprehended by NYPD officers.

(via Tibets)

His sexy glare did not convince them to let him go.

you're so easy to love, alec baldwin

(via Imgur)

Baldwin says he was happy to pay a fine, but since he had no ID the officers decided to handcuff him and take him to the local precinct. #FAIL

(via Reddit)

On his Twitter account, Baldwin did not mince words in his criticism of the NYPD.

(via Ras Trent)

Many bikers, though, took Baldwin’s side. ” “Gothamist, no bunch of Baldwin fans, even wrote a post” “” “” “0” ] titled “In Defense of Alec Baldwin, Scofflaw Cyclist.”

(via Storybrooke HBIC)

With new friends like these, might Baldwin stick around NYC a little longer?

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