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Accident Victim: Britney s Personal Apology Unnecessary

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Cousart-Ramirez-Rios/ JFX

Britney Spears didn’t just make a financial settlement with the owner of a car she hit – she offered, through her attorney, to go to the woman’s house and make a personal apology.

But Kim Robard-Rifkin, whose car was damaged in the fender-bender last summer, says that wasn t necessary.

Spears “has way more than enough problems right now,” Robard-Rifkin told Access Hollywood.

Instead, Robard-Rifkin was content with Spears’s offer to have her car repaired and to provide for a rental car in the meantime, as well as a telephone apology from Spears s attorney.

A check “in the $1,000 range” was to be delivered to her on Monday, the pop star’s attorney tells PEOPLE. Robard-Rifkin is owner of the 1999 Mercedes-Benz station wagon that Spears hit Aug. 6 in a San Fernando Valley parking lot with her Mercedes convertible.