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Thomas Rhett Wants to Be Your Next Workout Buddy – Here's How to Join Him for Bootcamp

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Justin Key

For the past two years Thomas Rhett has been working hard at getting in shape – and now he’s trying to do the same for you.

The country singer, 25, has partnered with Snap Fitness and will host five exclusive boot camp sessions around the country for fans that want to get fit. He’s also hosting social media challenges to promote his “I Feel Good” health initiative.

“I haven’t always been into fitness,” he tells PEOPLE. “But I noticed that when I’d be on stage playing a show I could hardly make it through the fifth song without having to take a breather. It wasn’t because I was wildly out of shape, I just was not shape. That was the biggest motivation for me to want to start getting in shape. This is my second full year of trying to live healthy and difference is tremendous.”

And as much as he’d love to have washboard abs, he also says it’s important to find a balance.

“I would love to get shredded or whatever you want to call it, but at the same time I really enjoy treating myself to a cheat meal more than once a week. I’ll eat a piece of bread or I’ll drink a beer and I’ll have fun with my friends. For me, it’s really more about being healthy than it is about gaining 40 lbs. of muscle.

“And I love food! I love a good piece of pizza. I love a good hamburger. If I don’t let myself have those things, there’s going to be a week where I just go off the deep end and eat nothing but that.”

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And of course, the “Die a Happy Man” singer can also count on his wife Lauren when it comes to helping him remember to stop and enjoy some of life’s guilty pleasures once in a while.

“My wife is into fitness, but she’s also good at providing balance in my life,” he says. “She’ll be like, ‘Thomas Rhett! You haven’t eaten a bad thing in like two weeks! It’s time to let your guard down for an hour and come have fun with me at a restaurant!’ ”

Thomas Rhett
Justin Key

The five boot camps will be held in Springfield, Missouri on Jan. 23; Charlottesville, Virginia on Feb. 19; Dallas, Texas on May 21; Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 11; and Columbus, Ohio on June 18. Fans will have the chance to win a spot at a boot camp by tuning into their local radio stations.

Beginning Wednesday, fans can submit ideas on Twitter for Rhett’s first fan fitness challenge by tagging @SnapFitness with the hashtag #Ifeelgoodchallenge and also following @ThomasRhett.

Fans can also get involved by visiting Snap Fitness and sharing a social media message about the program to be entered for the chance to win tickets and a trip to see Thomas Rhett on tour.