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Mark Gray
April 05, 2014 05:45 PM

Lee Brice is not only a crooner as a single, he’s quite a gentleman in the bedroom. No, it’s not what you think.

“My wife loves to have her feet rubbed,” he told PEOPLE Country. “I do it every single night.”

A nominee for Best Male Vocalist at Sunday’s Academy of Country Music Awards, the “I Drive Your Truck” singer isn’t shy when it comes to his nightly ritual with wife Sara.

“She goes to bed early and I’m up late, usually in my garage or in the studio working after she goes to bed,” he explained.

“If she’s going to bed, I put lotion on her feet and rub her feet every night. That’s kind of romantic I’d say, because this is our thing. Of course, anything she wants anytime is our thing, but that’s the thing she loves.”

Another thing the 33-year-old is willing to do for his wife: dance. Ironically, his latest single is titled, “I Don’t Dance.”

“The point of the song is I’m not a dancer, but if Sara goes, ‘Hey, you’re dancing with me.’ What am I going to say? Absolutely. A couple shots of tequila and I’ll get down a little bit, shake a country leg.

Does he twerk? Does he do the twist? Does he have any signature move at all?

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“Not really,” he says as he begins to move. “It’s sort of old school Bill Cosby. I’m shaking my feet and twisting my hips. It’s not quite Luke Bryan.”

The Academy of Country Music Awards will air Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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