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Jake Owen Goes on Tour with Wife Lacey and Daughter Pearl

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Jake Owen officially kicks off his Days of Gold tour Thursday, and wife Lacey and 1-year-old daughter Pearl are going along for the ride.

“I used to be a little lonely out on the road sometimes ’cause you go from town to town – you’re not out there long enough to get to know anybody. You feel like you’re there long enough just to say goodbye,” Owen tells PEOPLE. “Now, having my family go with me everywhere I go, it’s like having home with me wherever I am.”

Owen, 32, says balancing the business side of touring with family time can be difficult, but it’s also “the best of both worlds.”

“It’s interesting – bath time is fun, you get into a routine with a kid because they’re used to certain routines. So sometimes before the show, we’ll give her a bath and put her to sleep, and that’s great to do that kind of thing,” he says. “It’s also hard. As fun as it is to have my wife and kid on the road it’s still my job.”

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Owen’s tour, the crooner says the tour’s name, Days of Gold, refers to “the times we remember, the golden days, the times that we all long for – but for me, those moments are right now.”

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The father of one adds that Days of Gold also means good times in good weather.

“Our tour is really based around me being from Florida and kinda bringing the sunshine wherever we go to,” he says. “We’re starting off in South Dakota so it’s pretty chilly there, so it’ll be nice to kinda bring a vibe there that makes it feel like they can get away to the beach for a little bit.”

Reporting by KATIE KAUSS