Eileen Finan
June 05, 2014 01:15 PM

There’s no shortage of YouTube videos teaching you how to dance like Jason Derulo, but the R&B star said he got schooled on stage performing with Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan at Wednesday night’s CMT Music Awards in Nashville.

“They were amped to dance during the song and during rehearsals – they were crazy – and I was like, ‘Hey the show isn’t far away I don’t think we should go too far with this yet,’ ” Derulo told PEOPLE Country after the CMT performance. “But they just wanted to go for it. They seemed like they were waiting on that moment forever!” (The good stuff starts around 4:20 in the clip above.)

The show’s mash-up of Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” and FGL/Bryan collaboration “This Is How We Roll” was a genre-bender, but Derulo said he felt right at home on the country stage.

“I love the songwriting in country music for sure,” said Derulo, who along with Bryan and FGL released a new “This Is How We Roll” remix on iTunes today. “I started off as a songwriter writing for other people in the industry, and I feel like country music is songwriters’ music, so for me country music is always dope to listen to.”

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