Maggie Malach
November 03, 2016 02:45 PM

Ever since Taylor Swift graced us with the Grammy-winning gift that is 1989, we’ve been counting down the seconds until her sixth studio album. While the world is overdue for the next LP, we’re looking for any clues about the upcoming project. Taylor hasn’t given us many, but the few hints she’s dropped indicate that she could be crossing back over to country.

From her style to her songwriting, check out five signs that she could be dabbling in her roots again. 

1. She brought back her classic curls

When Taylor sashayed onto the music scene in 2006, her long, curly hair was as recognizable as her hit-you-right-in-the-feels song lyrics. Ten years later, she’s experimented with straight hair, bangs, a lob and even a platinum hue. Given her multiple transformations, it’s no surprise that fans low-key freaked when Taylor was spotted back in August with her OG curls. 

Raymond Hall/GC Images
Raymond Hall/GC Images

2. She made an appearance at the 2016 CMAs

Taylor made a literal return to Nashville for the 2016 CMAS, where she presented Garth Brooks with the Entertainer of the Year award. Of course, Swift is no stranger to the honor. She won Entertainer of the Year in 2008 and 2011, and was nominated in 2012 and 2013.  

3. She just performed some of her oldest — country — hits

Taylor performed her first live show of 2016 at the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in October. Rather than exclusively playing her latest batch of songs, Taylor threw it back, giving fans life by singing older country hits like “I Knew You Were Trouble,” “Fifteen,” “Sparks Fly,” “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me.”

4. She’s writing country songs again

Taylor revealed that she wrote Little Big Town’s “Better Man,” which means she’s still in the country mindset. While we love us some pop Taylor, there’s something about hearing her words in a country song again that makes us miss her in that genre. 

5. She’s officially back in the studio …

… But we know next to nothing about the new music. “She’s obviously such a great friend, and you know she is starting to go back to work in the studio again, and really made time to be here for me, and I am so grateful for that,” squad member Gigi Hadid revealed to ET after the the Tommy Hilfiger runway show at New York Fashion Week. Could Taylor’s tight-lipped strategy mean that she’s ready to surprise us big-time with a genre switch? 

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