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November 07, 2016 08:45 PM

Everyone’s a part of the Bey-hive!

Beyoncé took the country music world by storm when she performed at the 50th annual CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday night — and made Jennifer Nettles want to join in.

“My only regret is that I wasn’t able to go and ask her, ‘Look, can I just be in the way background, not even on camera, but just dancing?'” Nettles, 42, told PEOPLE the morning after the show. “I’m a simple girl —I just need a long ponytail extension and I will get back there and have the time of my life!”

The singer thought the performance with the Dixie Chicks “was fantastic” and knew from the moment she first heard “Daddy Lessons” that it would be great in a more country arrangement. Queen Bey surprised fans with the inclusion of the pseudo-country song on her album Lemonade and had fans watching the show for her performance.

Aside from Beyoncé, Nettles said she was really impressed with the show that kept the performances coming.

“I wish all award shows every year could be like that, because I loved the performances so much,” Nettles admitted. “Even from the opener forward it was bam, bam, bam, all these artists with these iconic songs that we love. I enjoyed myself and went to bed way too late for the early morning that I had.”

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The singer herself was a part of the jam-packed line-up of performances when she teamed up with Pentatonix to take part in a medley honoring country legend Dolly Parton. Nettles tells PEOPLE it was “a treat” to perform the classic “Jolene” with Pentatonix and help present Parton with the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nettles’ latest album, Jennifer Nettles: to Celebrate Christmas, is out now.

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