Thatiana Diaz
May 09, 2017 04:25 PM

His name is Luis Lucho Romero, and he is a former Uruguayan soccer player who played in Cagliari, an Italian league, in 1996 and 1997. Although he achieved sports fame in his country for having been a key player in Peñarol—one of the most prestigious Uruguayan teams—his skills as a header was what got him contracted by the Italian team.

Romero had a seven-year relationship with Alexandra Perez who later gave birth to their son Felipe Romero. The 10-year-old boy was murdered at the hands of his soccer coach, Fernando Sierra, which left the country of Uruguay in shock.

According to former partner, the soccer player was never present in their son’s upbringing. At the burial, the grieving mother sent an important message to the other parents: “Please, be present for your children! Otherwise the children will look for another father figure… Or worse, my son stumbled across this killer,” said the woman.

After remaining silent after the tragedy, Felipe’s father finally spoke with journalist Alberto Perez on the radio program Las voces del fútbol. It was there that he confessed feeling “devastated” by his son’s murder.

He clarified, however, that he neither knew what happened or was aware of the relationship between Felipe and Sierra, who, according to him, never gained his trust because when he met him, he had a “strange feeling.”

As for not attending his son’s funeral, Romero explained that he had an argument with Perez and wanted to avoid any more conflict.

Last month, Felipe was shot died by Sierra, his coach for some time at a children’s soccer club in Uruguay. The coach befriended the family and planned to adopt the child unbeknownst to either of the Felipe’s parents.

Following advice from a psychologist, the mother asked the coach to stay away from her son. That infuriated Sierra who then kidnapped the boy and killed him with a gun, then took his own life.

According to preliminary results of the autopsy, the 10-year-old was sexually abused on several occasions.

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