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Thatiana Diaz
June 21, 2017 06:17 PM

Family Feud was hot, hot, hot last weekend as a group of Latino celebrities came together for one steamy battle.

Wilmer Valderrama, Ana Ortiz, Justina Machado and Amaury Nolasco formed Eva Longoria‘s crew. On the opposing side was George Lopez with his teammates: his daughter Mayan Lopez, Oscar de la Hoya Constance Marie and Ray Diaz.

There was no holding back when it came to Longoria’s team after they were asked about male strippers. Host Steve Harvey asked, “Name something the worst male stripper in the world might only have one of?” then Flores responded, “testicles,” and to the teams—and Harvey’s—surprise, it was an answer on the board. Longoria shouted, “What kind of game are we playing?” as everyone burst into laughter.

And the heat kept turning up when actor Ray Diaz showed some skin unbuttoning his shirt to display his abs. When it was his turn to give an answer, the actor ended up giving—what Harvey thought—was an awful answer and the host went on to suggest Diaz keep his shirt open as a distraction.

In true Latino form, the high-energy party just kept going, and the actors even gave viewers a lesson on the culture. When asked, “Name something you roll,” Machado answered “tortillas.” The crowd immediately erupted into cheers, and she shouted, “These are Latinos up here, come on!”

The answer ended up being on the board as “dough,” so Lopez and his teammates were immediately hesitant. “Wait a minute. It’s called masa!” said Lopez. That’s when Harvey asked Lopez for a definition, and he said, “Masa is not where the Mexican astronaut’s train (in reference to NASA). It is corn meal.”

After all the fun and games, Longoria’s team went on to win the game show after the actress had an incredible ‘Fast Money’ round.

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