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Alicia Machado Strips Down For PETA

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Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado joins the long list of celebrities, such as Dulce María and the members of Fifth Harmony, who have teamed up with PETA Latino to help raise awareness for animal rights.   

“It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to be a part of this beautiful campaign,” says the former Miss Universe in an interview with the animal rights advocacy organization. “When you raise an animal to kill it, to make clothes, it’s something monstrous.”

In the campaign video, Machado talks about an impactful PETA video she watched where animals were being separated from each other to be skinned. “I think we are in a new world, we are in an evolution. It’s no longer necessary to dress in animal skin. We have to take care of the planet.”

Alicia Machado

Alicia stands by her decision to stay away from fur. “Fur is something extremely cruel and I think it is the greatest demonstration of frivolity and superficiality that a human being can have. I cannot find the elegance or the class in carrying around a corpse. The planet is not ours; we share it with them too.”

Translated by Thatiana Diaz