Courtesy NoH8
Cara Lynn Shultz
September 06, 2013 01:30 PM

After coming out on Facebook, a teen named Zach Gibson received the loveliest, most supportive letter from his mother. The No H8 Campaign shared the post, and it went viral – prompting Gibson to comment, “I’m Zach, the one this is addressed to. When I came out last week, I never expected this much support. I knew my mom would be fine with it, but I never expected this letter and I never expected this many people to spread it around. This means so much.”

Read on for more about Zach’s letter, plus some of the most random stuff that happened online this week.

Mom Writes Heartwarming Letter to Her Son After He Comes Out
Proving yet again again that gay teens are exactly like every other teen, right down to the messy rooms.

Take a moment and smile, everyone. With all the ugliness in the world, wasn’t that the best thing you’ve read all week? Now, on to the random glory that is the Internet!

Demi Lovato Went Off on "Twerking" on Twitter
Can she take down “YOLO” and “SWAG” next?

Ricky Gervais Said He’d Love to Work with Ryan Gosling During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Wouldn’t we all, Ricky. Wouldn’t we all.

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