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Zac Hanson Spat on By Angry Onlooker

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Dave M. Benett/Getty

How rude!

An upset onlooker succeeded in degrading only himself when he spat on Zac Hanson, drummer and singer with the brother-band Hanson.

The man had been kicked off the Hanson tour bus in Seattle on Monday, according to Gossip Cop.

Fan Tricia Martin recorded the incident and posted the video to Instagram with the caption, “This a–––– snuck on Hanson’s bus then spit on Zac’s face.”

“It was just a random passerby,” she writes below. “He harassed people in line for about 10 minutes and then saw Taylor and Zac getting on the bus and slipped in behind Taylor. He was on the bus for about two minutes and then this happened.”

The musician, 27, was able to laugh off the offense. He then assured fans via Twitter that he was focusing on his upcoming concert.

“Gonna be a good show tonight, I cleaned off all the spit and I am feeling ready to go!” he said via the band’s Twitter account.

He then responded to fans who were outraged over the incident.

“I know u have my back. We can crush some fools another day,” he wrote.

A rep for the band had no comment on the spitting incident.

Hanson is the youngest of the trio of brothers, including Isaac and Taylor, that make up the band. He and wife Kate are expecting their third child this fall.