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July 30, 2009 10:30 AM

Who says Zac Efron isn’t ready to become an action hero?

The tween idol, known more for his dancing and singing skills from the High School Musical movies than for risking life and limb, took the plunge while bungee-jumping for the first time in Vancouver, Canada, on Saturday afternoon.

With a broad smile and no hesitation, the light-footed crooner lept off a bridge over a raging river – and he did it gracefully, of course. He even managed an acrobatic back flip as he went down.

“Zac really loved his jump, he seemed to be having a really good time and was excited to make his jump, but he only jumped once,” an employee of Whistler Bungee said.

Efron is in town to film The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud
– Michael Y. Park
from Huffington Post
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