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YouTube Announces First Video Award Winners

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The Oscars of cyberspace have been presented, with Monday’s announcement of the inaugural YouTube Awards, honoring the best user-generated videos of 2006.

Winners were decided by voters who went to the YouTube site, which was originally founded in February 2005 and is now a subsidiary of Google.

The band OK Go took the prize for the most creative video. Their video, in which they dance to their song “Here It Goes Again” on treadmills, was a virtual Internet sensation.

“They did it in one take and returned the treadmills to the store the next day,” Jamie Byrne, head of product marketing for YouTube, told CBS News.

Other winners include the comedy duo of Smosh – actually, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox – who took the award for best comedy for their 2-minute-plus tale of survival about a man stranded on the beach.

Singer-songwriter Terra Naomi, a newcomer whose video was first posted in June, won best music video for her song “Say It’s Possible.” She told CBS’s THE Early Show, “I thought it was good enough, but I didn’t really imagine that more than maybe a thousand people would see it. I think that particular one, about – like maybe 1.4 million. And then combined with the others it’s about 5 million now.”

Kiwi, about a bird who goes to great efforts to try to fly, was named most adorable, while Ask a Ninja was best series.

“It’s a simple concept,” Byrne said. “One ninja, one question submitted by a fan and he asks questions about how to best kill someone and stuff like that.”

To see all the winning videos, click here.