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Yoko Settles with Ex-Personal Assistant

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In what is being called a victory for Yoko Ono, her court battle against former Lennon family assistant Frederic Seaman ended Friday, when Ono’s attorney told Manhattan U.S. District Judge Leonard Sand that the two parties in the case had reached an agreement, Reuters reports.

The settlement arrived just as the jury was expected to hear closing arguments in the case.

According to the news service, Seaman, 49, agreed to an injunction by the jurist that ordered him to stop disseminating photos, interviews and personal documents from the late Beatle (who was felled by an assassin’s bullet in 1980) and comply with a 1979 confidentiality pact Seaman had signed before going to work for the Lennons.

“I am very happy with the results,” Ono, 69, who wiped tears from her eyes after the settlement was read into the record, later told reporters outside of the courthouse. “It’s not a matter of revenge.”

Seaman’s lawyer, Glenn A. Wolther, told The New York Times that his client was glad the settlement granted him credit for one of the photographs at issue in the case, an image of John and Sean Lennon on a beach in Bermuda. Still, the rights to its use shall remain with Ono. Seaman also issued an apology to Ono.

The groundwork for a settlement had actually been laid in court on Thursday, reported, when Judge Sand ruled that Seaman was, in fact, bound by that confidentiality agreement.

In her case against him, Ono, had alleged that Seaman violated the agreement by publishing a 1991 book, “The Last Days of John Lennon: A Personal Memoir.” Seaman denied any wrongdoing.

Ono, meanwhile, was demanding that Seaman surrender the rights to 374 photographs he took of the Lennon family, reimburse her some $75,000 from the sale of the former Beatle’s papers and pay unspecified damages.