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Woody Allen Loses Hope

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Bob Hope should say “No thanks for the memory” to this week’s issue of the New Yorker. A profile of the 95-year-old entertainer features Woody Allen, among others, saying harsh things about him. Allen says Hope was a big influence on him at one point but that Hope became “lazy,” cue-card dependent and generally uninspired when he moved to television. Hope’s ex-manager, Elliott Kozak, described the comedian as “the most self-centered person” he’s ever known. Melville Shavelson, who wrote and directed some of Hope’s movies, says writers created the cowardly, womanizing, cheapskate character that Hope often portrayed from his real-life personality — even though Hope never realized it. He said Hope liked to toy with his writers by having them wait at the bottom of the stairs while he made paper airplanes with their paychecks and sailed them down.