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Winona Ryder to Be Sentenced This Week

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Friday is sentencing day in the case of Winona Ryder, who was convicted last month of grand theft for stealing nearly $6,000 worth of merchandise from the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue store.

The jury also found Ryder guilty of vandalism but acquitted her of burglary.

Though the conviction carries up to three years in prison, the prosecutor in the case, Deputy District Attorney Ann Rundle, has already said she would not seek to put the “Girl, Interrupted” actress, 31, behind bars.

Rather, she said she would ask the court to impose a term of probation, community service and restitution to Saks.

In setting the sentence date for Dec. 6 — the verdict was handed down Nov. 6 — Superior Court Judge Elden Fox said he would allow Ryder to remain free on bail as she did not pose a threat as a flight risk or danger to the community. The actress has kept a low profile over the past month.

Not so for Saks Fifth Avenue. On Monday at the flagship Manhattan store, a heavy throng of holiday shoppers was doing what holiday shoppers do — and presumably paying for it . One salesperson, who asked not to be identified, told that most of the Winona jokes seem to have subsided.

“They picked up again at the time of the trial,” she said, “but right now people just want to get their shopping done.”