Rennie Dyball
April 12, 2012 11:15 AM

Dancing with the Stars hottie William Levy will be waltzing his way to onto local newsstands this Friday in a white, open shirt and a smile that jumps off the PEOPLE cover.

But we couldn’t help but wonder what readers may have thought about another cover that didn’t make the final cut. In a second version, Levy, 31, wears a different shirt, a different expression and shows off a different (ahem) view of that amazing body.

So we’ve compared the covers, point by point, to help readers decide.

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Pros of Levy in Blue

The smoldering expression
Is he pensive? Angry? Thinking naughty thoughts? Who cares, it’s all hot!

The chest-ab-arm placement
We get to see the contours of his clearly defined pectoral muscles, a glimpse at the abs, and an eyeful of that thick, strong forearm. Well done, photographer.

The shirt choice
It’s no more than a frame for this man’s artful body. But you wouldn’t put a Picasso in an Ikea frame, so the choice of rugged, structured blue denim was spot-on.

Pros of Levy in White

The ‘I’m Approachable’ Look
It’s a smile, but it’s also thoughtful, with an element of carefree. Levy’s face says, “Hi, I’m William. What shall we do today?”

The left pec
Half of this man’s sturdy chest takes center stage on this cover: its contours, its strength, its golden glow it’s almost enough to distract from his beautiful brown eyes.

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The shirt choice
It’s the endless possibilities here that the shirt conveys. Is he about to take it off for a dip in the ocean? Putting it back on after working up a good sweat? Or perhaps that’s just the way he dresses around the house on a warm summer’s day.

So, tell us:

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