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Who's the Man? Sam Jackson

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Samuel L. Jackson, 51, had quite a weekend. Friday he was honored before 500 fans with his own star on the Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame. This morning, he has the weekend’s No. 1 movie, “Shaft,” a remake of the 1971 blaxploitation classic. Two other new movies that opened on Friday, “Titan A.E.” and “Boys and Girls,” did not perform up to expectations. The weekend’s estimates:

1. “Shaft,” $21.1 million.

2. “Gone in 60 Seconds,” $14.7 million.

3. “Big Momma’s House,” $11.3 million.

4. “Mission: Impossible 2,” $10.9 million.

5. “Titan A.E.,” $9.5 million.”

6. “Boys and Girls,” $7 million.

7. “Dinosaur,” $5.8 million.

8. “Gladiator,” $4.9 million.

9. “Shanghai Noon,” $3.6 million.

10. “Road Trip,” $3.1 million.