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Whoopi Beats the Drums for Diet Plan

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The Slim-Fast Company has signed up the “Whoopi” star, 48, to serve as its new pitchwoman, reports The New York Times, adding that the TV and print ads with Goldberg will debut New Year’s Day, as the holiday pigging-out season comes to an end.

Goldberg reportedly has been on the Slim-Fast plan since November. Slim-Fast, which formerly consisted of a lot of sugar and carbs (if one is to read its ingredients listings), is shifting its recipe and, says The Times, shucking carbs.

“Slim-Fast is reinvented; it’s not the same old Slim-Fast,” Michiel Kruyt, the company’s vice president for marketing, tells The Times. “It’s more than a shake. It’s a whole plan, and it’s doable.”

He added: “We’re not jumping on the low-carb bandwagon. Recognizing a real trend out there that is much broader than just weight loss is a very real thing for consumers these days. As the leading brand in weight loss, we have to address that issue.”

In one TV spot, reports The Times, Goldberg sprints around a fashionable apartment and calls herself a “big loser” with big news. Introducing several Slim-Fast products, she chews on a meal bar and declares, “Baby, your mouth is going to go low-carb crazy while you lose weight.”

As The Times also reports, in another TV ad images of Slim-Fast pasta, soup and ice cream products flash across the screen as Goldberg says, “Come on, if I can be a big loser, there’s nothing stopping you.”

Kruyt declined to tell the newspaper how much Goldberg has lost, but said that it was healthy to lose about two pounds a week.