courtesy MTV
Aileen Wong
September 09, 2009 08:30 AM

The City star Whitney Port and boyfriend Freddie Fackelmayer are no longer dating.

The show’s executive producer Liz Gately confirmed the news to PEOPLE on Tuesday at the Seventeen magazine celebration of Port’s October cover.

The two had been dating since June, and viewers will still get to see their relationship play out through the season.

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Recently, reality-show couples such as Jon and Kate Gosselin don’t seem to have much staying power. As Port, 24, told PEOPLE, “It’s really hard to have a relationship on camera because you have so many opinions coming in and out, and it takes away some of the mystery in a relationship.”

“But,” she adds, “I don’t necessarily think that it’s a curse. I think there are some relationships that had to have lasted.”

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