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What's Hot, What's Not

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It’s that time of year. Time to reassess and forge ahead. But rather than allow anyone to do this blindly, the Wall Street Journal offers some useful tips on what’s in and what’s out for 2001. So, it’s goodbye Regis look and hello rep ties. (And, for the “Miami Vice” look for men, it’ll be hello again.) The Journal credits the return of a Republican to the White House as a major force in the retro movement expected in the new year. Kennebunkport will again be the in spot, not the Hamptons. Facial hair will replace the clean-shaven look, though what that has to do with George W. Bush is anybody’s guess. Specialty stores are to be preferred over malls. “CSI” is in, “ER” is out. Gold jewelry in, silver jewelry out. Visors in, Palm Pilots out. The “Flashdance” look and shoulder pads IN, sweater sets out. Spain in, Mexico out. And, at the movies: kung-fu chick flicks in, gross-out movie out. Happy new year.