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Grace Gavilanes
October 14, 2016 03:45 PM

As Halloween fans know, October’s staple holiday (sorry, Columbus Day) is synonymous with hours-long horror movie marathons, inevitable candy comas and LOL-worthy DIY costumes — and while many look forward to the 31st year-round, there’s a group of non-believers who dread Halloween almost as much as the world collectively loathes waking up on a Friday thinking it’s Saturday.

Consider yourself one of them? Add our suggestions to your to-do list this Halloween.

1. Spend approximately two hours searching for a new show to watch on Netflix … before ultimately succumbing to the masterpiece that is Jane the Virgin. Again.


2. Go on an online shopping spree, choosing dream outfits and then deleting them all from your shopping cart after realizing you’d much rather spend your hard-earned cash on Kylie Lip Kits.

3. Wrap yourself into a blanket burrito and proceed to eat an actual burrito.

4. Scroll through Shay Mitchell’s Instagram and start fantasizing about taking a tropical vacation that’s equally pretty to look at.

5. Practice your Oscars acceptance speech in the bathroom mirror. Awards season is coming up, so this is 100 percent normal and not weird at all.


6. Stalk that cute guy from your Statistics class on Facebook; have a heart attack when you almost “like” one of his pics from 2007.

7. Embark on a 10-minute Pilates sesh, feel like Kate Hudson for the rest of the day.

8. Check out that new neighborhood coffee shop you’ve been dying to go to, and post all your photos with “#mugshot” on Instagram.

9. Finally schedule all those doctors appointments you’ve been putting off.

10. Bathe your kitten/puppy; take a Snapchat story of all the cuteness.


11. Indulge in a bubble bath.

12. Channel your inner Nicki Minaj and commit to memorizing every rap off 2010’s Pink Friday.

13. Use this day as an opportunity to dress in your finest (with full makeup) for a memorable dinner at Taco Bell. We promise no one will find it out of the ordinary. #Halloween

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