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Half-Naked Statue Causes Stir at Women's College, Gets Twitter Account

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Steven Senne/AP

A man recently appeared on the campus of the all-women Wellesley College in Wellesley, Mass., and students are already looking to have him booted.

The male in question is Tony Matelli’s statue “Sleepwalker.” Clad in only underpants, the painted bronze sculpture was installed outside the school’s Davis Museum as part of Matelli’s solo exhibit, “New Gravity,” according to the Boston Globe.

A group of students have started a petition to move the somnambulist from Wellesley, citing the statue as unsettling. Others see “Sleepwalker” as an entertaining addition to campus, stopping to snap pictures with the half-naked resident and dress him up. Good or bad, Matelli is pleased to see his work get such strong reactions.

“I was talking with the curator of the exhibition and my assistant this morning and we were saying, ‘When was the last time a work of art was talked about so much and got so much attention?'” Matelli told the Globe. “I can’t remember when.”

A true testament to the piece’s reach, Wellesley’s “Sleepwalker” now has its own Twitter account. Here are some highlights:

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