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Your Weekly Horoscope: Make Like Jared Leto and Hug the New Moon

Posted on Illustration By Debra Cartwright


Cancer (Jun. 22 Jul. 22)

What’s the opposite of rose-colored glasses? You’ve been looking at life through drab lenses for a while now, Cancer. If you don’t let the light back in, your mood will never lift. Make like Jared “Huggin” Leto to give and receive love (and memes).


Leo (Jul. 23 Aug. 22)

The Sun and Jupiter are getting the party in Leo started, but you need to get your ducks in a row by the end of the week. When Saturday’s new moon marks your astrological new year, pop open some champers to celebrate, then start making those plans happen.


Virgo (Aug. 23 Sep. 22)

You can stop sweating your paycheck, Virgo. When Mars moves out of your financial house on Friday, cash will no longer rule everything around you. (Phew.) With that burden lifted, enjoy the rest of the weekend relaxing at the pool or on the boardwalk.


Libra (Sep. 23 Oct. 23)

A raucous brunch with all-you-can-drink Bloody Marys. A daytime rave. A family trip to the zoo. The stars aren’t sure where you’ll meet future collaborators for a cool project you haven’t even thought up yet – just that they’re out there waiting to meet you, too.


Scorpio (Oct. 24 Nov. 21)

When ambitious Mars moves into your sign this week, you’ll get the kick in the high-waisted pants you need to turn your fantasy into a reality. If Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette, can land her own makeup collection, what’s stopping you, Scorpio?


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 Dec. 21)

Steel yourself, because Mars is creeping into your zone of subconscious revelation and closure. Don’t let roller coaster emotions and negative self talk get the best of you. Trust in yourself. The answers will reveal themselves soon enough, perhaps in a dream.


Capricorn (Dec. 22 Jan. 19)

The sun is doing some straight-up music video girl moves in your chart’s sexiest zones. Coupled Capricorns may feel the heat more than usual. Singletons, prepare for sparks from an unlikely source (tech support, a substitute teacher, a fender-bender offender).


Aquarius (Jan. 20 Feb. 18)

When Uranus goes retrograde in Aries this week, you’ll notice an ever-so-slight shift in the lightness of your being. Somehow, you’ll feel a little bit freer to let your opinions and ideas flow. Take advantage, Aquarius. This is your chance to make real change.


Pisces (Feb. 19 Mar. 20)

If your bank account seems a little sparse, chalk it up to Uranus retrograde. Your cash flow could go topsy turvy over the next few months, but don’t panic. Start watching The Suze Orman Show and get a budget together and you’ll get through this as flush as ever.


Aries (Mar. 21 Apr. 19)

The sun in Leo is like the final school bell before vacation – an alarm indicating that it’s time to grab a pool noodle, street fair corndog, or artisanal shaved ice, and enjoy the season. Leave your pumps at the office. As of now, your time off is sandals-only.


Taurus (Apr. 20 May 20)

Stock the cabinets and refresh your linen closet, Taurus. Saturday’s new moon in your domestic zone may inspire you to decorate and even cook something fancy. (Plus, cupcakes for dessert.) Don’t count on fitting into J.Crew’s new size triple-zero jeans next week.


Gemini (May 21 Jun. 21)

Saturn retrograde has made it difficult for you to keep structured, but now that the planet has gone direct you’ve got no more excuses. No more being late, skipping workouts, or ignoring voicemails (groan). You’ve got to make up for lost time.

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