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WEEK IN REVIEW: The Goods on Jacko

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INSIDE NEVERLAND: Investigators who combed Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch during their Nov. 18 search (which led to his being charged on multiple counts of child molestation) seized computers, legal documents, videotapes, a note and a letter found on the singer’s bedroom nightstand, reported the Associated Press. Though the items are not described in detail in court papers outlining the search, the Los Angeles Times reported that the documents do state that a locksmith was summoned to unlock the master bathroom and that keys were later found in a safe.

ANTHONY TESTED: Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, 29, apparently sought the results of a DNA test to determine if the husband she is divorcing, Latin crooner Marc Anthony, 35, had fathered a boy by a 21-year-old Miami waitress, New York’s Daily News reported. According to Anthony’s attorney, Orin Snyder, the test has proven that the baby, now two months old, is not Anthony’s, despite the claim of the mother. Snyder added that the tests “were performed at Mr. Anthony’s request” and “confirm what Mr. Anthony has known all along.”

MEL’S ‘PASSION’: To mute the impact of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ,” Jewish and Christian groups arranged interfaith lectures, talks and other programs, reported AP. Gibson, 47, has insisted his film, set to be open on more than 2,000 screens on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 25, does not malign Jews, though, until last week, he adamantly refused to screen to Jewish groups. Now that representatives from the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee have seen the film, they say it contains destructive stereotypes about the Jewish role in Christ’s death.

LOSING LIZA: Liza Minnelli’s split from fourth husband David Gest was caused by a tabloid article, not alleged physical abuse, Gest insists in an interview to be broadcast on “Dateline NBC” Friday. Though Minnelli, 57, “beat me and hit me everywhere,” says Gest, it was a National Enquirer article portraying his estranged wife as an alcoholic that was the final straw. “She got the magazine on a Wednesday morning, and on Thursday announced our marriage was over,” says Gest, who also denies feeding that information to the tabloid.

‘SEX’ SCHEMES: The schism between Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her friends is growing deeper as she falls harder for Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov) on HBO’s “Sex and the City.” As it is, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is already living across a river, in Brooklyn, while the attentions of Charlotte (Kristin Davis) are now focused on her prize-winning King Charles Spaniel, named Elizabeth Taylor. Besides battling breast cancer, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) also had to fend off rumors that her hunky young lover Smith (Jason Lewis) is gay. And the series now has only three more episodes to go.