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WEEK IN REVIEW: Reeve Reveals Lung Cancer

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DANA’S FIGHT: Christopher Reeve‘s widow Dana Reeve announced on the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation Web site Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. “I have an excellent team of physicians, and we are optimistic about my prognosis,” she said in a statement. “Now, more than ever, I feel Chris with me as I face this challenge.” Reeve, 44, is a nonsmoker, foundation spokeswoman Maggie Goldberg told the Associated Press. She has a 13-year-old son, Will.

JENNINGS DIES: Peter Jennings, the Canadian-born ABC News broadcaster who announced last April that he had lung cancer, died of the disease at his New York home on Sunday “with his family around him, without pain and with peace,” ABC newsman Charles Gibson announced late Sunday night. Jennings, who had been a network news star for four decades, was 67. Thrice divorced, he was survived by his fourth wife, former ABC TV producer Kayce Freed, and his two children, Elizabeth, 25, and Christopher, 23.

SHOWER INJURY: Police plan to investigate an incident in which a photographer was shot with a BB gun while staking out Britney Spears last weekend. The paparazzo, Brad Diaz, was hit in the leg outside a Malibu home where he was tracking a baby shower for the pregnant pop star, authorities said. “Because of the media attention, we’ll probably put this on the front burner to settle the whole thing,” sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Knudson told the Associated Press. Diaz claimed the shot came from the direction of the home, Knudson said. Spears’s bodyguards told authorities they weren’t involved in the incident.

SHUTTLE HOME: Space Shuttle Discovery Commander Eileen Collins staged a flawless touchdown at California’s Edwards Air Force Base at 5:11 a.m. Tuesday, bringing to a dramatic finish a 219-orbit, 14-day trip. During the descent, Collins took controls of the shuttle, flying it upside down and backwards as it glided back to Earth. “Discovery is home,” Mission Control said as the wheels touched down. NASA personnel broke out in cheers as Collins announced: “We are back.”

FARRELL FOOTAGE: A judge extended the ban on a 15-minute sex tape starring Colin Farrell and his Playboy playmate former girlfriend. Nicole Narain may not profit from, sell, distribute or display the 2-year-old tape, which the 29-year-old Alexander star says in his lawsuit, was never meant to be made public. Farrell’s suit alleges that the former Miss January, 31, was working with the owner of an X-rated Internet business and contacting the news media about the tape.