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WEEK IN REVIEW: Justin's Watery Slip

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JUSTIN BUSTED: Last year’s “American Idol” runner-up, Justin Guarini, allegedly nearly ran over a 5-year-old girl with his Jet Ski at a recreation spot in Texas last weekend, reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Guarini, 24, was ticketed by police after witnesses said he barely missed hitting young Alison Heizer, said the paper. The incident allegedly occurred Saturday at Joe Pool Lake in Cedar Hill, Texas, where Guarini and “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson, 20, were reportedly hanging out with five other friends.

FORD FLAT: The 12-room, Central Park West duplex apartment recent PEOPLE coverboy Harrison Ford, 60, shared with his soon-to-be ex-wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison, is on the market, reported the New York Observer. Asking price: $18 million — for which a new owner would get four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wet bar, formal dining room, fireplace and apparently some pretty nifty views of Central Park. Ford now lives with Calista Flockhart, 38, in New York and L.A.

MO PRIVACY: Madonna won the right to stop hikers ? or even simple strollers ? from approaching her mansion in the English countryside, reported the BBC. The Material Mogul, 44, and her movie director husband, Guy Ritchie, 34, won a legal battle to have the land surrounding their home, Ashcombe House near Salisbury, not classified as open countryside under what is known as the Right to Roam legislation. The couple had expressed fears that the legislation would have allowed strangers to walk up to their front door or peek into their house.

KIM’S SUSPECT: John Acheson, 31, of New Rochelle, N.Y., has been charged with attempted grand larceny, attempted grand larceny by extortion and attempted coercion for allegedly demanding $25,000 from Lil’ Kim, 27, to return a missing necklace taken from her luggage at John F. Kennedy Airport, reported the Associated Press. If convicted, there could be a prison sentence of four years, said the news service. (It’s not yet been reported if Acheson is an employee at JFK.) Kim’s jewels went missing as she was on her way to the BET Awards in L.A.

PRINCELY SUM: For the first time ever, Prince Charles, 54, released details about his income and how much he spends, in an effort to prove he is not simply an aristocrat, following a rash of scandals surrounding him, the New York Times reported. The financial dirt revealed that the prince made $17 million last year, a 27 percent leap over his 2001 earnings. Most of the money comes from the Duchy of Cornwall, a company with a variety of holdings and interests that has been in place since 1337 for the benefit of the heir to the British throne.