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WEEK IN REVIEW: First Joey, Now Ray?

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‘LOVE’ SPIN-OFF: Ray Romano and “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator Phil Rosenthal might be saying next season will be their last, but CBS isn’t so willing to let go of the 8-year-old show. Speaking to members of the TV Critics Association, CBS chairman Leslie Moonves said (as quoted by USA Today): “We’ve talked about a spin-off with Brad Garrett: Let’s say he buys the house next door, and Ray is now covering soccer in Europe, but Patty (Patricia Heaton) and the kids are still there. We hope they’ll stay, but we’ll try to do another variation if not.” Meanwhile, on Thursday, NBC announced a “Friends” spin-off for next year: “Joey,” with Matt LeBlanc.

NEW J.LO SCENT: Glow with J.Lo, the perfume from Jennifer Lopez (who turned 33 on Thursday), has been a huge success with the 15- to 25-year-old market since its launch last September. Now the singer-actress is about to take another stab at sniffing the sweet smell of success, The New York Times reported. Her second scent, Still Jennifer Lopez, is due to arrive this fall, aimed at a 25-and-up age group. To sell Still, Lopez will appear in ads in PEOPLE and elsewhere wearing a sophisticated gown. In those for Glow, she appeared nude behind glass.

DIAZ PAYBACK: Cameron Diaz, Alanis Morissette, Leonardo DiCaprio’s father, George, and other one-time celebrity clients of convicted Wall Street fund manager Dana Giacchetto have agreed to repay the money he illegally diverted to them during his shady business deals, the Smoking Gun Web site reported. The “Charlie’s Angel” star, 30, has repaid $100,000. Others ponying up after their (unknowingly) ill-gotten gains include Creative Artists Agency president Richard Lovett, who returned $75,000; actor Tim Roth, $60,000; Morissette, $1,800; DiCaprio’s dad, $2,000; and composer Philip Glass, $2,500.

OPRAH RULES: VH1’s assessment of the 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons named Oprah Winfrey No. 1, followed by second-place Superman and third-place Elvis Presley. The series — a 10-episode ranking of actors, musicians, politicians, academics, sports figures and fictional characters (for which PEOPLE has published a companion volume) — debuted Monday on the cable channel. Among the names: Eminem is No. 31, sandwiched between 30th-ranked Bill Cosby and No. 32 President John F. Kennedy. The Rock bottoms out at 200, a notch lower than Queen Latifah (199) and Cartman on “South Park” (who weighed in at 198).

NOSED OUT: In before-and-after photos that appeared in the New York Daily News, Latin crooner Enrique Iglesias, 28, was shown at a California concert last weekend without the mole that had appeared to the immediate right of his nose. Representatives for the singer previously denied that anything had been done to his face, but the Iglesias camp is not commenting now on the singer’s new look.