Stephen M. Silverman
January 10, 2003 12:00 PM

EMINEM WEAR: Eminem, 30, has signed a licensing deal with Nesi Apparel to create a sportswear label, to be called “Shady,” the New York Post reported. (One of Eminem’s alter egos is Slim Shady.) Shady, the collection, is expected to surface in retail stores by late summer, in time to be sold as back-to-school wear. The look is expected to resemble the way Eminem looks in concert. According to the Post, Victor Nesi of Nesi Apparel is the co-founder of Bugle Boy Industries.

GRAMMY WHAMMY: Eminem and Bruce Springsteen dominated the 45th annual Grammy nominations — but tying them with five nominations apiece were youthful newcomers Avril Lavigne, Ashanti and Norah Jones. Eminem, 30, already has five Grammys to his name, while Springsteen, 53, has seven. Their multiple nominations this year came for their respective albums, “The Eminem Show” and “The Rising.” Both are nominated for album of the year alongside “Home” by the Dixie Chicks, “Nellyville” by St. Louis rapper Nelly and “Come Away with Me,” by Norah Jones, 23, who was last year’s surprise sensation. Her jazz-inspired album also nabbed her record of the year and song of the year nominations for the single “Don’t Know Why.”

PHOOLISH BOY: As we all know by now, that wasn’t Tom Hanks making a special guest appearance at Phish’s New Year’s Eve concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden — despite earlier reports. Now, throwing further light on the hoax, PEOPLE revealed that it was Steve McConnell, vice president of marketing for a San Francisco technology company, who phooled the 20,000 cheering fans and the multitude of journalists who covered the event. Steve also is the brother of Page McConnell, keyboardist for the Vermont band, which ended its self-imposed two-year hiatus at the Garden.

LOVE’S SPOILS: James Hewitt, long ago dubbed the “love rat” for telling all about his five-year affair with Princess Diana, told Larry King that he would sell her love letters. (He reputedly has been offered $6 million for 10 of the steamiest letters — he has 64 — but reportedly is holding out for $16 million.) “And you would be interested if you got an offer tomorrow?” asked King. “Yes, I would be,” Hewitt replied. “But what you will do with the money you will not say?” King asked. “An awful lot of good can be done with the money,” Hewitt answered. Asked if he would use it to “do a lot of good,” he replied that he would.

WORST DRESSED: Hollywood’s sardonic fashion designer Mr. Blackwell has announced his 43rd annual list of the Worst-Dressed Women of the Year, and 2002’s top pick is Anna Nicole Smith. She was followed by: Kelly Osbourne (“A fright-wigged Baby Doll, stuck in a goth prom gown”); Shakira (“Somebody should tell her those are probably Madonna’s old clothes”); Cameron Diaz (“Dressed by a color-blind circus clown”); Princess Anne (“Dreary, drab and dour”); “Interview with the Vampire” author Anne Rice (“A cross between Queen Victoria and the Vampire Lestat”); Donatella Versace (“Time to toss the peroxide once and for all”); Meg Ryan (“A total fashion wreck”); Christina Aguilera (“Let’s just call her the ‘Worst Undressed’ and leave it at that”); and Pink (“I’m seeing red”).

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