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Wedding on Hold for Paris & Paris?

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Just three months into her engagement to shipping heir Paris Latsis, 22, Paris Hilton, 24, has acquired a skeptic close to home: her future father-in-law, Gregoris Kasidokostas.

“I know that she says she wants to get married to (my son) Paris, but that doesn’t mean this will happen tomorrow,” the mayor of Vouliagmeni, Greece, tells PEOPLE in its upcoming issue. “My opinion, as well as his mother’s, is that he is too young and he should wait.”

Kasidokostas also takes issue with reports of his son lavishing Hilton with expensive jewelry.

“He knows that it would be more useful to give this money . . . to an orphanage or people who suffer from something, rather than buying these kinds of gifts.”

But things seem more confident at the Hilton camp. “There will be a wedding in the U.S. and Greece too,” says Hilton’s mom, Kathy. “It will happen soon. I’d say in the next year.”

Earlier this year, Paris Hilton told PEOPLE she’s looking forward to starting a family with Latsis soon: “I want to have kids in the next two years, because I know that completes your life.”