Kelli Bender
November 12, 2013 07:30 PM

It’s just pure habit for humans to look up at the sky to formulate a weather forecast, but sometimes the atmosphere conjures something beyond basic meteorological knowledge. Enter the roll cloud.

This rare weather phenomenon undulated its way across the Timbercreek Canyon sky in Amarillo, Texas, last Monday, shocking resident Todd Mask with its expansive size and ominous presence. While this rolling pin from the heavens left many speechless, experts do have an explanation.

Roll clouds are a type of arcus cloud created by the downdraft from thunderstorms that are separate from the storm itself, leaving this rogue traveler to surf across the sky until it fades away. It is difficult to predict the next time one of these beauties will roll through, but until then we give you this stunning clip to admire.

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