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Throwback Thursday: Enjoy These Vintage Photos of Super Bowl Cheerleaders

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Focus on Sport/Getty

The Super Bowl can be divisive. But if there’s one thing that brings everyone together, it’s old photos that show how we used to wear our hair.

These photos, ranging from 1975 to 1993, will unite football fans of all stripes, even if you’re still nursing that old CowboysSteelers grudge.

1979: Steelers-Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders at the 1979 Super Bowl
Good lord, that hair.

1993: Bills-Cowboys

The Buffalo Bills cheerleaders at the 1993 Super Bowl
Rick Stewart/Getty
(See previous comment.)

1976: Steelers-Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders during the 1976 Super Bowl
We sense the men in the stand aren’t focusing on the game as intently as they could be.

1987: Broncos-Giants

Oakland (then Los Angeles) Raiders cheerleaders, the Raiderettes, during the 1987 Super Bowl
Paul Spinelli/AP
“Raiderettes” is a deceptively cute nickname for cheerleaders.

1976: Steelers-Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders during the 1976 Super Bowl
Focus on Sport/Getty
Hallmarks of the 1970s: Big hair, mustaches and leering men.

1978: Cowboys-Broncos

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Mimi Austin in 1978
Fun fact: “Mimi Austin” is the most appropriate name for a Cowboys cheerleader in the 1970s.

1978: Cowboys-Broncos

A Denver Bronco cheerleader in 1978
Wally McNamee/Corbis
Miniature horse. ’70s NFL cheerleader. Sequined gloves. This picture has everything.

1975: Steelers-Vikings

A cheerleader at the 1975 Super Bowl
Diamond Images/Getty
Is that chain mail? We hope so.

1986: Bears-Patriots

Cheerleaders during the 1986 Super Bowl
Mike Powell/Getty
Jazz hands!

1993: Bills-Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders at the 1993 Super Bowl
Stephen Dunn/Getty
Snapback hats and bangs – wait, both of things are hip again. What year is it!?

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