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Paul Chi
July 05, 2013 01:30 PM

Oh, mom!

When Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino signed up to host his own talk show with his mother Paola, one thing he didn’t expect was that she’d reveal his biggest secret.

“The most embarrassing thing that my mom has ever said about me was that I wasn’t circumcised,” Guadagnino, 25, tells PEOPLE. “That trumps everything! She said that when Jenny McCarthy came to do the show. I ran out of the room and I was like, ‘No, no!'”

“After six seasons of the Jersey Shore, that info has never gotten out,” he admits. “But the one time I film a show with my mom, boom, the biggest secret is out.”

Despite his mother offering TMI to people around the world, Guadagnino is having a blast interviewing celebs with his mom at their Staten Island, N.Y. home on The Show With Vinny.

“It’s been fun to work with my mom,” he says. “She’s hilarious and she adds a lot of value to the show. While I’m being nervous, she s acting normal and even-keeled. It’s a good balance.”

The reality star s strong mother-son relationship has even helped him become the well-mannered man he is today.

“When I was younger and when we were at the dinner table, she would tell me to always serve the girl first,” says Guadagnino, who is single. “And she’s taught me and my sisters to always be respectful to everyone.”

But one thing he doesn’t seek out from his mom is advice about dating.

“I don’t ask her advice about women until I’m going through a breakup,” he says. “If I’m really upset, she tells me there’s a reason why the relationship didn’t work, she will comfort me and will tell me the usual stuff you need to hear when going through a breakup. But when I hear it from my mom, it always means more. And it’s great that she will cook me something to feel better!”

The Show With Vinny‘s season finale airs July 11.

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