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The Must-Have Toy of the Summer? A Homemade Hovercraft (VIDEO)

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When summer ends and school starts again, these two boys will have the vacation story to beat. Really, how many kids ever get to say, “My dad built us a hovercraft?”

And it s not just a boring utilitarian hovercraft, it’s a fun one, and most important of all, it’s one that the handy dad gets to enjoy with his kids. And from the looks of the video, that kid is having a blast – certainly more so than most kids have with a chunk of polystyrene insulation board.

Yep, the guy who built the Apollo spaceship in his son’s room isn’t the only one raising the bar for creative dads everywhere. Known only by his YouTube account name, videopapa, the creator actually made two hovercrafts, the first being a prototype for the toy you see above. Here’s Hovercraft 1.0.

We’re just as stoked as those kids to see the 3.0 version.

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