People Staff
March 04, 2005 06:00 PM

Jurors in the Michael Jackson molestation case Friday were shown a video of the accuser’s family praising the pop star.

“God worked through Michael to help us,” the mother of the accuser said in the tape. “When we saw no hope Michael said there was hope.”

The 18-year-old sister of Jackson’s accuser testified that Jackson’s associates made the family participate in the video after a Feb. 6, 2003, TV documentary by Martin Bashir aired. In the TV special her brother appeared with Jackson, who said he allowed the boy to sleep in his bed.

District Attorney Tom Sneddon claims that the rebuttal video was staged and scripted in order to protect Jackson.

On the stand Friday, the boy’s sister cried as she described a change in her brother’s personality after meeting Jackson. She said the boy went from being an affectionate person to being shy about being touched. “He didn’t want to be hugged. He didn’t want to be kissed,” she said. “It just hurt because I’m his older sister.”

Jackson is accused of molesting the boy. He had pleaded not guilty.

Thursday, the accuser’s sister testified that she had caught Jackson serving alcohol to her brother in a bedroom littered with bottles. She also said that there was a private chamber “with sleeping bags” leading to a wine cellar behind a video arcade at Neverland Ranch.

“I’d always see them go down there,” the college freshman said of her two brothers. “They’d come up with cups.”

Asked if she recognized Jackson in court, the witness looked grimly at him and replied “yes.” Otherwise, she avoided eye contact with Jackson – who, as he left court Thursday was asked by reporters how it felt to see the young woman again.

“Interesting,” he said, then added, “Frustrating.”

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