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September 27, 2007 07:00 AM

(Video courtesy of NBC)

Before her paparazzi debut by George Clooney‘s side at the Deauville and Venice film festivals earlier this month – and then later as one of the poster children for motorcycle-riding safety – Sarah Larson was a cocktail waitress at Moon in the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

But for Larson, 28, dating Clooney is not her first brush with fame.

In 2005, she and former boyfriend Dan Randolph won NBC’s Fear Factor and $25,000.

While on the show, Larson drank a martini with a scorpion in it – as well as talked about her experience in the competition for the Fear Factor Web site.

“The scorpion martini was awful, the scorpion itself was too hard to get down, the shell was not breaking apart and in addition, it tasted bad,” she said of drinking the brew and throwing up while trying to eat the whole scorpion.

As for putting $25,000 on the line in a hand of blackjack during the show’s finale, she said, “To gamble that large portion of money was really nerve-racking … the only reason it was okay was because we were not walking away empty-handed … in the end, I knew I would at least have something.”

She recalls standing at 12, which lost to the dealer s 19: “I still sometimes have dreams about it, thinking I should have hit and gone against the book … 50K would have been nice, but 25K is still great.”

Let alone, the other new prize in her hands.

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