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VIDEO: 'Chocolate Rain' Star Gets Political with New Tune

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He’s back – and this time he’s getting political!

Tay Zonday, the star and creator of the YouTube smash “Chocolate Rain” has a musical message for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama: He supports Obama’s bid for the White House and thinks, if elected, the candidate will usher in better times.

The 26-year-old expresses all of this, of course, with his trademark, clipped, deep voice and a droning synthesized melody.

Called “Brighter Days,” Zonday’s latest video (which he debuted on his official YouTube page) ups the production value – he’s no longer tethered to those keyboards!

In the clip, he sings: “Brighter days are here / ‘Cuz we declare / that history won’t repeat” while gliding around a park in his Obama ’08 T-shirt.

And Zonday – an American Studies graduate student at the University of Minnesota – also broadens his message with a healthy dose of visual symbolism. (Never have black and white spoons been more meaningful )

Check it out!