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Daring Bra Thieves Have Lifted Nearly $3,700 from One Victoria's Secret Store

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Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty

One Chicago-area Victoria’s Secret is reeling from the effects of a month-long crime spree that’s relieved them of nearly $3,700 worth of bras.

The store, located in the suburb of South Barrington, has had a rough year. In September, three women stole $2,200 worth of unspecified unmentionables, and in early October, another $500 was lifted by different perps.

Perhaps inspired by the frequency (and presumably, ease) of these heists, a man and a woman hit the location twice in November, stealing 72 bras, to the tune of $3,690. The first theft occurred on Nov. 9, when 36 bras valued at $1,919 flew the coop; the second on Nov. 26, when another 36 bras (valued at $1,771) comprised the loot.

Experts (read: us) are baffled as to why the thieves have chosen 36 as the number of bras to steal each time. One theory is that they’re obsessed with numerology: 36 “is a number that goes through many obstacles, but has the perseverance to overcome them,” Nick’s Numerology informs us, something that could well describe the average bra shopping trip. “The number can house geniuses,” Nick continues, “in the artistic fields or otherwise.”

We’d probably count “professional bra thief” in the “otherwise” field.

The general view of a Victoria’s Secret store
Charley Gallay/Getty