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Valerie Bertinelli Gets Frisky with Food

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Stephen Danelian

Valerie Bertinelli is one feisty foodie.

After losing 40 lbs., the Jenny Craig success’s new cookbook, One Dish at a Time, showcases her love of making healthy, delicious food – but that’s not the only joy of cooking for Bertinelli.

Opening up about her husband Tom Vitale’s surprising turn-ons in the kitchen, she tells the new issue of Prevention magazine, “I told [Tom] a long time ago, ‘You know what foreplay is to me? Emptying the dishwasher.’ ”

Still she adds, “I think he took it too literally I’m like, ‘No, honey, it takes more than emptying the dishwasher.’ But that’s part of it.”

Cooking is also a way for Bertinelli, 52, to enjoy herself and bond with Vitale.

“A lot of love goes into making soup,” she says. “The first time I made gazpacho for him, I thought I was going to be made love to the entire night!”

The cookbook is not out yet, but you can find recipes on Bertinelli’s blog – including a sexy Tuscan Style Soup!