Stephen M. Silverman
January 14, 2002 10:00 AM

As suspected, the trouble with Harry is not over yet. The prince, 17, who admitted to his father, Prince Charles, that last summer he had dabbled in pot and alcohol, could face police action, British police said Monday, Reuters reports. As confirmed by St. James’s Palace, Charles’s home, after admitting his dalliance with drugs and alcohol, Harry was reprimanded and sent by his father to visit a drug rehabilitation clinic in south London to see for himself how drugs can damage young people’s lives. Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, issued a statement saying that she supported Charles’s position on the “seriousness” of Harry’s behavior and hoped that the matter would now be closed. Yet, according to Reuters, police are saying that they cannot rule out taking action against the young prince themselves, specifically for the alleged drug use. (Legal drinking age in England is 18; Harry was 16 last summer.) “We are not in possession of any evidence that would justify us interviewing him,” said a statement from police in Wiltshire, near Charles’s Highgrove estate — where Harry’s antics purportedly took place — “but will, of course, consider and act, if appropriate, on any information provided.” A Home Office (Interior Ministry) spokeswoman told Reuters that it was highly unlikely the young prince would be prosecuted, given that authorities had never caught him in possession of the drug. On Monday, Harry reportedly returned to school at Eton, where, according to a statement issued by headmaster John Lewis, he could face possible expulsion should he fail a future random drug test.

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