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U.S. Soccer Studs (Literally) Face Off Against England: Who's Hotter?

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Soccer fans are gearing up for one of the most anticipated matches: Saturday’s World Cup game pitting tournament-favorite England against the American team. But forget about the actual game for a minute – and focus on the handsome features of a few of the top players.

Ladies, David Beckham is not soccer’s only swoon-worthy athlete. Whether you’re for the Brits or the Yanks, attractive men abound. Here are our top four to watch during the game:

Oguchi Onyewu, Team U.S.A.

Pronounced “Oh-Gooch-ee Own-YAY-woo,” this 28-year-old U.S. defender is known as ‘Gooch’ by his teammates. Although the Nigerian-American athlete hasn’t played a full 90-minute game since injuring his knee several months ago, Onyewu is determined to play stronger than ever. When not playing for the World Cup on the U.S. team, he plays for Milan.

What Sets Him Apart: At six-foot-four-inches, Onyewu is the tallest outfielder in U.S. team history and is often mistaken for a basketball player.

Landon Donovan, Team U.S.A.

As the team’s vice-captain, the 28-year-old forward is the all-time leader in scoring and assists for the United States National team. In 2009 he was given a record-setting sixth Honda Player of the Year award, given to the U.S. team’s top player.

What Sets Him Apart:He looks great in short shorts! Donovan stripped down to a pair of patriotic boxer briefs in a drool-worthy photograph in the June issue of Vanity Fair that also features other undressed soccer studs.

Steven Gerrard, England

After regular captain Rio Ferdinand suffered an injury, vice-captain Gerrard will step up to the position for the World Cup games. Also known as Stevie by his adoring fans, he is arguably the Liverpool team’s most recognizable player. Recent rumors suggest that he and his wife, model and fashion columnist Alex Curran, are splitting, which the couple denies.

What Sets Him Apart: Arguably one of the most talented midfielders worldwide, Gerrard is skillfully known to fill in gaps and play other roles including second striker and winger.

David James, England

At 39, James is the oldest player appearing in the World Cup. But that doesn’t make this professional footballer any less easy on the eyes. His chiseled feature helped him score modeling gigs for both Giorgio Armani and H&M. And to add a third career to his resume, James also pens a column for the The Guardian and donates his earnings to charity.

What Sets Him Apart: A global ambassador for the Special Olympics and creator of the David James Foundation to support Malawi communities, James is more than just a pretty face and wicked goalkeeper. Did we mention he’s a former model?