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Twins Back to U.S.: Court

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The 9-month-old twin baby girls born in the American Midwest and now at the center of a transatlantic tug-o-war are to return to the U.S. following a British court ruling on Monday, reports Reuters. The twins had been adopted by British couple Alan and Judith Kilshaw, who found the children over the Internet and then paid a baby broker for them. In announcing his ruling, Justice Andrew Kirkwood said: “It is right that these American children should return to the state of Missouri (where they were born)” and that the children remain in the “custody and control” of the Missouri court pending a decision on their final upbringing by “some part of their natural family.” The girls’ natural mother, Tranda Wecker, has said she wants the children back while a U.S. court in February awarded custody to their biological father, Aaron Wecker. On Tuesday’s “Today” show, Wecker said he would be “the best parent” for the girls. Meanwhile, an attorney for the Kilshaws says that his clients are considering appealing the London court decision.