Jessica Herndon
September 30, 2008 03:45 PM

Stephenie Meyer is taking another bite out of Hollywood.

The author, who has already hit the jackpot with her series of vampire novels and the soon to be released film version, Twilight, has also directed her first music video for alt-rock band Jack’s Mannequin.

Shot in Malibu, the video for the single “The Resolution,” off the band’s sophomore record The Glass Passenger, which released Tuesday, has a “whimsical, other worldliness look to it,” says Mannequin singer-keyboardist Andrew McMahon. He adds that they called upon Meyer to craft the concept of the video after hearing she was a fan of their tunes.
Watch the video here.

So just what did the creative Meyer come up with? “Me and my piano are hauling out of town trying to get away from the tide, but it just keeps coming to get me,” says McMahon. “She has a great eye for fantasy.”

When Twilight star Robert Pattinson heard about Meyer’s new gig he couldn’t help but gush. “She’s got obsessive taste in music so she’ll do really well,” he said.

And if McMahon’s reaction is a good indication, she did better than “well.” He described her directing skills as “awesome!” adding, “She’s totally cool! Just a very normal kind of chick.”

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