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Trump: Apprentice 3 to Add Twists to Game

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Hardly one to let Santa get all of the attention this weekend, Donald Trump revealed more details about what’s in store for the new season of The Apprentice, scheduled to kick off on NBC Jan. 20.

As he teased on the second season finale, Trump plans to divide the 18 competitors not by sex, but by levels of education – with those toting college degrees on the Magna team, and those from the school of hard knocks (and only high-school diplomas) on the Networth team.

“For the third season of The Apprentice, Mark Burnett and I have decided to take the series into a new realm,” Trump trumpeted in a statement. “We wanted to see what would happen if we pitted college grads against high school grads. … The result makes for fascinating television. Who will you root for? You’ll also discover that we chose candidates who are more relatable (sic) – along the lines of (first-season players) Sam, Troy and Amy.”

Tasks will be assigned for such firms as Burger King, Home Depot, Domino’s Pizza and Nescafe – and, in another new development, players will be older than those seen in the past. The eldest is 41, according to reports, and at least three players are parents. About six of them are said to have real-estate experience, and none of the college grads come from Ivy League schools. (Recent winner Kelly Perdew was a West Point grad, and he beat the Harvard-educated Jennifer Massey.)

While NBC will not reveal last names, the Associated Press has done some digging into backgrounds. Magna player Erin Elmore, 26, is a model-lawyer. The Des Moines Register reports that Networth sales manager and entrepreneur Tana Gertz, 37, is married to a local weatherman. Magna member Danny Kastner, 39, is CEO of the new-media company POPstick.

The Magna team members are: Erin, 26, a lawyer from Philadelphia; Todd, 34, a sales manager from Carlsbad, Calif.; Verna, 31, a business manager from Seattle; Danny, 39, a marketing technology firm owner from Boston; Stephanie, 29, a supply chain consultant from San Diego; Bren, 32, a prosecutor from Memphis, Tenn.; Michael, 25, a real estate developer from Boston; Alex, 29, a prosecutor from Seattle; and Kendra, 26, a real estate broker from Boynton Beach, Fla.

The Networth team members are: Tara, 28, senior government manager from New York City; Audrey, 22, a real estate agent from Salt Lake City; John, 32, a technology firm owner from Tampa, Fla.; Tana, 37, a sales executive from Des Moines, Iowa; Kristen, 31, a real estate financier from Los Angeles; Brian, 29, a real estate broker from Wildwood, N.J.; Angie, 41, a gym franchise owner from Lake Balboa, Calif.; Chris, 22, a real estate investor from Las Vegas; and Craig, 37, a shoeshine business owner from Conley, Ga.