People Staff
August 20, 2014 10:30 AM

David Fredericksen was driving his semi truck along I-10 near Biloxi, Mississippi, when he saw an accident: A grandmother had T-boned an 18-wheeler while attempting to merge onto the interstate.

Fredericksen didn’t react with the customary hail of profanity and terror that characterizes most dash-cam videos. Instead, his own dash cam captures him stopping his vehicle and calmly striding toward the wreck with a fire extinguisher. His actions inspire other commuters to help out and band together to pull the woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter from the car’s wreckage.

Incredibly, despite the massive fireball that appears in the video, everyone involved survived: The grandmother sustained a broken leg, but that’s minor compared to what could have been.

Fredericksen spoke to Jalopnik about the crash: “I don’t feel it’s heroic,” he said. “Really what I feel is when I first got out of the truck, I was praying that they wouldn’t be dead. I just wanted to put the fire out, but when I saw they were alive, I was like, ‘Sweet!’ ”

“My actions were because of my love for God and love for people. Because it does make a difference.”

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