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Trimmer Kelly Osbourne Cleans Up Her Act

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A clean and sober Kelly Osbourne is ready to reveal her new self and her new album – her second, titled Sleeping in the Nothing and set for release June 7.

The CD’s name comes from the movie The NeverEnding Story and has to do with the drugs and alcohol that Osbourne, now 20, used while dealing with the hardship of being a “chubby English girl” and having to adjust to life in America, as she told a British TV program last year.

“I was sleeping in the nothing – I had no dreams, I had no willingness to do anything. I would lock myself in the house in Malibu and just do drugs for days and days and days,” says Osbourne, reports MTV News. “I was a disgusting person. And luckily, thank God, I got saved.”

Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, reportedly dispatched Kelly to rehab after seeing a paparazzo photo of her daughter purchasing drugs.

Yet despite the treatment, and her newer, trimmer self, Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter apparently has not completely adjusted to who she is. Of her celebrity, she now says: “I did nothing. … I was born from somebody famous, and I sat on my ass and let MTV film me.”

She’s also fairly harsh about her first album, Shut Up, telling MTV News about its producers: “They saw me as a way to make money. They thought, ‘Oh, we’ll give her a record deal, and she’ll sell albums, and we’ll make money.’ I’m 16 years old, and they throw a million dollars at me, so I’ll do whatever the f— I’m told.”