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Sarah Michaud
June 05, 2011 12:00 PM

Trace Adkins lost his Brentwood, Tenn. home to fire on early Saturday evening, after a blaze that began in the garage spread to the attic.

The country singer’s three youngest daughters, their nanny and the family dog all escaped the house unharmed, wife Rhonda told CNN.

“They ran to their safe place like we practiced, in the front yard at a big tree,” she said, explaining that the local fire department had visited the children’s school earlier this year and encouraged the development of a safety plan.

Adkins, 49, who was a Celebrity Apprentice finalist in 2008, was on a plane to Alaska for work when the fire occurred. He immediately returned home upon being informed of the situation.

“Trace wishes to express his gratitude for the immediate response of the Brentwood Fire Department and is humbled by the outpouring of concern from friends and fans,” a statement posted on Adkins’s Web site read.

The family plans to stay at their farm, about 30 minutes away from Brentwood, for the time being.

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